The Garden Transformation Begins!

Day 1 of the Grasshoppers Garden Transformation


Back in November 2016, we were awarded a tidy sum by the Tesco Bags Of Help scheme (with big thanks to former Grasshoppers parent Fiona, it wouldn’t of happened without her tireless fundraising work! You’re the best Fiona! x x ). Who knew putting those little blue chits into the boxes by the supermarket door could achieve such greatness? With this windfall we approached the fantastic Co-DB, an East London team of experienced designers, makers and do-ers, to sprinkle some practical magic over the Grasshoppers outdoor space. And boy have they delivered, putting together a plan that includes a treehouse, a multi purpose buggy park, an outdoor mud kitchen, decking, and storage shed.

This Sunday was day one of the construction of these wonders, with members of Co-DB, Grasshopper families and staff all pitching up with tools, food and abundant enthusiasm. Dirt was dug and levelled, the treehouse erected, vegetation cut back, and vast quantities of pasta consumed. All in all, a very satisfying Sunday. Well done team!

An outing to the Science Museum

Today we went on a ‘space’ journey to the Science Museum! We loved travelling by bus and underground but we loved even more our destination, a showcase of gigantic models of planets and rockets, our most urgent interest these days!

Miro Inspired Assemblages

Miro Inspired Assemblages

Art Hoppers Weekly Summary, 17 Feb 2017.

We were working on Miro inspired assemblages using parts of old toys and some other loose ends.
The children had a base to work from (a largish plastic shape) and smaller parts to add details. We were aiming for characters, but all sorts came out with the colourful arrangement of things.
The children were asked to consider where they placed each part and to stick down with pva glue.
Here’s a few pics of some finished works..
And two examples of Miro’s sculptures, the inspiration.