About Us

At Grasshoppers you will find the involvement of parents is closer than usual compared to other nurseries. Grasshoppers gives parents a unique opportunity to be directly involved in decisions about all aspects of the running of the nursery. Everything from gardening and organising special events to preparing the accounts and fundraising is handled by those parents who opt for a role.


The parental involvement has given me extra skills (I can now run payroll!) as well as letting me get to know the staff and other parents in a meaningful way.

My time as a volunteer parent has been a very rewarding and fulfilling experience‚Ķ getting to know the children, loving and nurturing them during their stay here… I’ve received so much more than I’ve given to the Nursery.

A parent who chooses to be directly involved in the nursery benefits from a monthly discount on their fees as well as the opportunity to shape the way our nursery runs. Each parent is asked to take a specific role according to their particular skills. There is a monthly meeting for all parents and staff to discuss how they feel things are going and make decisions on how improvements can be made.

Opening times

The nursery is open from Monday to Friday between 8am and 6pm. We offer a range of places from a minimum of 2 days to 5 days full-time. The fee structure is flexible, offering a range of part time and full time options.