Grasshoppers in the Park is an OFSTED registered, full day care nursery in the N16 / E5 area for children aged from 2 through to 5 years old.

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Grasshoppers is run and managed by parents (optional) in partnership with our staff team. Our qualified Child Care Practitioners are highly valued and through the close working relationship with parents, are able to offer a friendly and homely environment for our children. We strongly believe that parental involvement enriches the nursery experience, however, we do understand that it is not possible for everyone to commit time. For those who are unable to get involved in the running of the nursery, we simply ask that they pay a small premium on their fees. Parents who do opt to get involved in the nursery, receive discounts on their fees. (See our fees table for details).

Marshmallows at Forest School !

Grasshoppers is a non faith based nursery that celebrates different cultures and festivals as opposed to one particular faith. The nursery is a supportive and lively place where you will get to know all your child’s friends and can be involved in how they spend their time.