Grasshoppers In The Park is a warm, friendly, OFSTED registered, full day care nursery.

We welcome children from two to five years old.

We are a parent-led nursery.

Staffed and managed by highly valued and qualified Early Years Practitioners in partnership with our very active parent commitees. Through this close working relationship with parents, we are able to offer a friendly and homely environment to our children.

At Grasshoppers, parents and practitioners work together.

Creating contexts in which children are able to explore and represent their ideas and thinking through their ‘hundred languages’: play, creativity, role-play, drama, music, literacy and the outdoor environment.

The nursery is a supportive and lively place where you will get to know all your child’s friends and can be involved in how they spend their time.

About Us

As a parent led nursery, Grasshoppers gives parents a unique opportunity to be directly involved in decisions about all aspects of the running of the nursery. Everything from gardening and DIY, laundry & sewing, social events (with and without the children), fundraising and accounting, is all undertaken by our wonderful parent community.

All parent are required to take on a role, this is what makes our nursery unique and keeps fees down. There will always be a way in which to contribute and a friendly parent to help you if needed. There is a monthly meeting for all parents and staff to discuss how they feel things are going and make decisions on how improvements can be made.

Children playing and running on bridge on daily walk to park.

Our days are action packed, full of play, learning, outdoors exploration and delicious & healthy organic food.

No way. The hundred is there.

The child  has
a hundred languages
a hundred hands
a hundred thoughts
a hundred ways of thinking
of playing, of speaking.

A hundred always a hundred
ways of listening
of marvelling, of loving
a hundred joys
for singing and understanding
a hundred worlds
to discover
a hundred worlds
to invent
a hundred worlds
to dream.

The child has
a hundred languages
(and a hundred hundred hundred more)
but they steal ninety-nine.
The school and the culture
separate the head from the body.

They tell the child:
to think without hands
to do without head
to listen and not to speak
to understand without joy
to love and to marvel
only at Easter and at Christmas.

They tell the child:
to discover the world already there
and of the hundred
they steal ninety-nine.

They tell the child:
that work and play
reality and fantasy
science and imagination
sky and earth
reason and dream
are things
that do not belong together.

And thus they tell the child
that the hundred is not there.

The child says:
No way.

The hundred is there.

Loris Maliguzzi,
founder of Reggio Emilia preschools.


The aim of Grasshoppers is to provide an enriching experience for the children and to be an asset to the wider community. Grasshoppers is run by parents; and all parents also have the opportunity to work at the nursery as part payment of fees. Through their involvement, parents gain valuable skills, help to provide positive learning experiences for their children and feel a greater sense of community.


At Grasshoppers creativity is key. We value freedom of choice and encourage learning though self motivation. We believe free play offers a great opportunity for the children to explore their imagination, communicate ideas and express emotional and physical responses.
We believe it is important to take an interdisciplinary approach to understanding early childhood. There are many kinds of ideas about how the world is understood and what the place and status of young children is within it.
Grasshoppers children in Springfield Park on a bright Winter day.

Familiarising ourselves with a range of ideas about how to study early childhood is to enrich our understanding. Delving into ideas and thinking about them deeply is important; and will help us to ensure that children are treated with the alertness, with the humour and with the reciprocity they, like anyone else, deserve.

Kind Words


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Hear what our parents have to say...

“My wife and I have lived in Hackney for seven years and sent our daughter to Grasshoppers for the last year and a half. We heard about Grasshoppers through friends and relatives and have similarly recommended them to our own friends and family. They are head and shoulders above the other nurseries we saw when it comes to the level of care, ethos and parental involvement. As working parents, we are delighted that somewhere like Grasshoppers can look after our child.”

Alex, father of Evie.


“My daughter has loved being a Grasshopper. It is a creative, exciting and safe environment for children where she has been stimulated, encouraged and supported in the best ways. The parental involvement has given me extra skills (I can now run payroll!) as well as letting me get to know the staff and other parents in a meaningful way. I couldn’t have wished for a better start for her and we will both miss the nursery very much when she goes to school.”

Ginny, mother of Bea

“Our daughter Ruby has had a wonderful time a Grasshoppers. The staff is very friendly and helpful and we always felt very safe leaving Ruby in their care, knowing that she would be looked after and cared for in the best possible way. The small size of the nursery gives it a warm and homely feel and the food in the nursery is brilliant and made from scratch. Ruby seems to eat a lot for her lunch there – much more than at home!”

Trine, mother of Ruby


We are very happy to hold a GOOD Ofsted rating.

(January 2016)

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